Neurithmic Systems
Finding the Fundamental Cortical Algorithm of Intelligence

Gerard (Rod) Rinkus, President and Chief Scientist       Curriculum Vitae

Visiting Scientists, Brandeis Biology, Lisman Lab 2006-present. Brandeis Website

Rod received his PhD in Cognitive & Neural Systems from Boston University in 1996 and has developed neurally-inspired machine intelligence technologies at several engineering R&D firms. With funding under DARPA's Deep Learning Program, Rod founded Neurithmic Systems in 2010 to continue developing spatiotemporal pattern learning and recognition technology, which is based centrally on sparse distributed coding.  This work has continued to present with contract research funding from The Office of Naval Research (ONR), DARPA, and Northrop Grumman. 

Rod's primary professional goals are to:

  • Understand the information processing principles used in biological brains
  • Develop algorithms and software embodying these principles
  • Apply them to real-world problems such as event recognition in video, and discovering structure in all manner of multivariate time series data
  • Use the developed models to explain increasing gamut of neural and cognitive phenomena and provide guidance for ongoing neuroscientific research.